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Sample 3

The client is looking for a birthday gift for her boyfriend who works at a construction site. He mentioned he wants a boot dryer for his work boots, but she does not have any idea what these are. The client wants more information and some options.

What is a boot dryer? Boot dryer is used to keep your boots and other footwear dry. It helps prevent molds, bacteria, and fungus from growing inside your boots. Benefits of a boot dryer:
1. Prevent smelly feet
2. Faster drying
3. Keeps away possible contaminants like bacteria and others
Pointers to consider Before Buying:
1. With drip tray
2. Capacity (either something that could accommodate one pair or multiple pairs)
3. Uses low heat to protect boots from damage
4. With a fan
5. With automatic shut off
6. Portable
7. With sanitizer for smelly feet
8. Noise-free
A. Dr. Dry Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer (IMAGE Inserted Here)
Price: $12.99 - $29.99 (Amazon)
● Use Safe PTC heater, making it safe and reliable. Will not damage footwear, or burn anything, nor will it cost you lot of electricity to run.
● Dries a wet shoe in about then 3-4 hours, (for a soaking wet shoe it can take up to 12 hours).
● Dries, Dehumidifies, and Deodorizes. Great for outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, hunting, skiing and more.
● Works for virtually any product and material, e.g. Shoes, Boots, Gloves, Liners, Ski masks etc.
● Preset with optimal temperature to warm and dry your shoes without damaging the materials.
Technical Data:
Voltage: 110V 50/60HZ
Power: 10W, IP20
Outside temperature reaches 120° Fahrenheit.
Drying time: Normally 1-2 hours, depending how wet the shoes are.
Warming time: 10 minutes.
B. The MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot, Glove & Shoe Dryer (IMAGE Inserted Here)
Price: $52.95 (Amazon)
● Forced air boot dryer, shoe dryer, and glove dryer works simultaneously on up to four garments
● Heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.); safe for liners, clothes, and boots
● Helps eliminate odors and reduce the growth of bacteria and mold
● Dries most items in about 1 hour; includes removable 16-inch extension tubes for drying taller boots
● 6-foot power cord; heat/no heat switch; 3-hour timer; 1-year warranty
The MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer dries two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in about 1 hour. Use the MaxxDry Heavy Duty to safely dry sweaty ski boots, soggy gloves, or wet football cleats. The MaxxDry utilizes forced air and heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.) to quickly remove moisture to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odors and deteriorates garments over time. Forced air comes from an internal fan that pushes warm air through boots, shoes, and gloves to circulate trapped moisture through and out of the garment. The MaxxDry Heavy Duty is safe to use on shoes, boots, and gloves and will not shrink or damage custom liners or delicate items. The MaxxDry Heavy Duty includes two, removable 16-inch extension tubes to handle taller boots, and 3-hour timer that shuts the unit off automatically, and a heat/no heat switch so it can be used with or without heat. Dimensions are 12 inches deep x 17 inches high (with extension tubes) x 15 inches wide. Comes with a 6-foot power cord; 1-year warranty.
C. PEET Electric Shoe Dryer (IMAGE Inserted Here)
PRICE: $41.88 (Amazon)
● NEUTRALIZES ODORS CAUSED BY PERSPIRATION AND BACTERIA: Beyond neutralizing odors, our product is also designed to remove contaminants like viruses and mold that can cause skin irritation and deterioration of materials.
● 2 PATENTED PEET DRYPORTS CIRCULATE AIR FOR THOROUGH DRYING: Comes with 2 Footwear Dry Ports to accommodate the drying needs of 1 pairs of footwear.
● IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF MATERIALS: Carefully engineered to safely and effectively dry leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro and all modern fabrics while further helping extend the life of your footwear and gear.
● 25 YEAR WARRANTY: We do not just build products that solve problems; we build quality products designed to last. We are confident in our product and offer you the PEET Dry Factory Warranty. Simply register your product within 10 days of your current or future purchase to take advantage of this benefit.
● SAFE, SILENT OPERATION: For your convenience, this product is made to operate without making a sound. To test, place your gear on the dryer before you go to bed and check for any dampness in the morning. Your shoes or gear should be perfectly dry and ready to accompany you on the adventures ahead.
Gentle, thermal convection rises through air Chambers to naturally dry your footwear or gear. It provides safe and silent operation such that you can leave it plugged in all the time— 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — in fact, we recommend it. The sturdy base easily plugs into any standard 110-120-volt U.S. household currents and is available in 220v electrical configurations (New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Europe). This product is proudly made in the USA.
D. The DryGuy Simple Boot and Glove Dryer (IMAGE Inserted Here)
PRICE: $37.08 (Amazon)
● Plastic
● Imported
● Convection based drying System heats to approximately 105 degrees
● Dries two garments (1 pair) in 6-8 hours
● Completely silent - no moving parts
● Will not damage fragile materials in footwear or other garments
● Helps reduce odors caused by bacteria, fungus, and mildew

The DryGuy simple dry is a safe, simple, overnight way to dry footwear! using thermal convection - naturally rising warm air - the DryGuy simple dry removes dampness, perspiration, and odor from all types of shoes or boots. Warm air gradually rises to dry rain-soaked shoes or hard to dry boots harmlessly. Overnight! using just minimal watts, the DryGuy simple dry is a cost- effective economically friendly tool for daily use to dry or warm footwear.