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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Your privacy is our top priority. We always keep our business with our clients confidential.
The Client takes full ownership of the completed research work. Our professional Virtual Research Writers sign a legally binding agreement, which specifies that each completed research work is owned by the Client. We guarantee that each research project is custom- made and exclusively completed for the Client, always original and unpublished. We have a pool of highly skilled Online Research Assistants who can help facilitate your research needs.
1. You place an order on our website: 2. A Virtual Research Writer is assigned to work on your project. 3. We send your completed research project to your registered email. Your order should arrive in your email on or before its deadline. If you do not receive an email after some time, please check your spam folder.
We deliver a written research work with 300 words per page, double space, font size 12, Times New Roman, margins 1” for top & bottom for Left & Right 1.25”. The Cover Page / Title Page, Bibliography / Reference, Table of Contents, Appendix (if needed), Email Delivery, Order Tracking, and Free Revision Service come FREE with your order.
For needed sources, kindly send it through our e-mail address Always indicate your Order Number when sending the sources.
Upon placing your order, you will be provided with an Order Number. You can use your Order Number to track the status of your order. You will also be notified through e-mail of your project's status:
o "Assigned" when a Virtual Research Writer has been assigned to work on your project. While your project is in progress, kindly check your email and phone regularly for any important concerns we may have as regards your project.
o "Completed" when your project has been delivered to your email address. Your order should arrive in your email on or before its deadline. If you do not receive an email after some time, please check your spam folder. Completed projects are sent via email as an attachment and in a word document with 300-word content per page.
If you feel that some parts need to be revised, you can send a revision request and we will revise it for FREE, provided it is within its original instructions. Revisions are accommodated within 48 hours after project delivery.
Customer service is very important to us. Our Help Desk is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We primarily communicate with our Clients through email for proper documentation. Feel free to email us at While an order is in progress, clients must check emails and phones regularly for important concerns regarding an order.

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For questions and inquiries, please email us at

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